Program of Medicine and Surgery

Welcome to Medicine at Mansoura National University



If you are have passion for studying medicine, and dream of becoming a competent physician, then you are a perfect candidate for the Program of Medicine and Surgery at Mansoura National University
This 7-year program is designed exclusively for our students to prepare them to be highly qualified physicians ready to practice in the healthcare system and treat today’s health challenges

The program of Medicine and Surgery is divided into three phases
The preclinical phase (pre-Clerkship) offers a solid exploration of human system including anatomy, physiology and pathology besides providing a deeper understanding of human health, diseases
The clinical phase (Clerkship) provides students with clinical exposure to all of the major areas of medicine
The internship phase: is two years of compulsory training as an Internship doctor

Why study the Medicine and Surgery program at Mansoura National University?

The program focuses on student-centered learning
The program provides Hands-on approach to learning: students will be involved in practical work to be skilled practitioners
The program provides great educational experiences that include problem-based learning, case-based learning, collaborative study groups and self-directed learning
The program is designed to develop student’s professionalism, communication, time management, ability to work as part of a team, research skills and much more


Our graduate will be a competent physician who has the ability to

Work to maintain health and promote human wellbeing
Behave professionally and adhere to medical ethics
Provide -quality and safe patient-centered care, focusing on primary health care and dealing with common health problems in his/her community
Value the importance of a good doctor/ patient relationship, and work to establish and maintain it
Work effectively with other health care professionals respecting their roles and their contribution to the team
Recognize his/her role as a part of health care system, respecting its hierarchy and rules and using his managerial and leadership skills to add value to the system
Contribute to the development and empowerment of his/ her community.
Work as a lifelong learner- on his/her own continuous professional development, including being equipped to engage in post- graduate and research studies